Farmer John

Hi! I'm farmer John. A few years ago, with the amazing support of my best friend and wife of fifteen years, Lyndsey, I became a farmer. I wanted a job where I could be totally available for our five kids. I had a job that had required more work than hours in the day. I was missing too much of their lives. We just moved from Allen to a two-acre plot in east McKinney. I'd never gardened, and now we had land. I figured, why not! I love to learn, so I may as well learn this. Come to find out, I really enjoyed growing good food. I soon sold at the farmer's market here in McKinney. There I enjoyed the community so much that I wanted to engage more in it, growing fresh vegetables directly for you.

Fun Facts

  • I've gone to Nepal on mission four times.

  • I can play several musical instruments

  • I applied and auditioned to be a clown