How We Grow

Here at the farm we disturb the soil as little as possible. We don't use tractors or tillers. We rarely even dig unless we have to. Why do we do this? To provide better veggies for you!


We grow all our produce in the soil, where they've been grown since the beginning. We try to keep our beds covered and planted at all times to protect and feed it. Good and nutritious food comes from healthy plants and healthy plants start with healthy soil. Soil is full of living organisms. It's their home and they live off of what plants put down through their roots. When you till it, dig it up or move it around in any way, it's like putting your home in a blender and hoping it comes out ok.


So instead of tearing up the ground we feed it! We develop it and encourage it by giving all those organisms what they want, food, water and warmth. In return they feed the plants. Doing it this way allows the plants to take up all the nutrients they want and need (not what we think they need). As a result you get produce that is better for you, last longer and taste way better than anything you could ever get in the store.